There are many bells and whistles that you can add to your showcase to show off your pride and joy. You can start as simple as a one page gallery as displayed in our showroom or as elaborate as your heart desires with 3D graphics, animation, sound effects, jazzed up pictures and more! We are here to work with you in creating your masterpiece, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
Basic text
Metallic Text
Graphic Text
Included in base price of showcase. Your choice of color and text font with or without 3D appearance as above.
Chrome text affect as seen above is an up charge of $35.
Premium graphics with a double text header as depicted above are an additional charge of $100. Single line text is an up charge of $65.
Our advanced image enhancement is more detailed such as replacing a partial background and touching up blemishes as in this photo.
You cannot always control the conditions outdoors but we can make it look like it's 75 and sunny in your photos. Our basic image enhancement, as in this photo, includes adjusting the brightness and contrast and adding color to the background.
Basic Enhancement
Advanced Enhancement
Background Replacement
Image swap is an awesome option for the true enthusiast! It is a nice way to keep your friends and family included in the latest adventures of you and your sweet ride. We can replace the photos in your showcase with your most recent ones from shows, rides...any adventure that you take on! All you need to do is email us the photos and we will take care of the rest!
Image Swap Pricing

1-5 images............................$15

6-10 images..........................$25

11-15 images........................$35


Adding sound effects to your showcase is a great way to personalize your showcase even further. We can add sound clips of tires peeling out, engines revving, a favorite song....even a personal message with your own voice! We have a wide selection of sound effects in stock. If you want to add a favorite song or a pre-recorded message, just email us it to us in an mp3 format.

Check out our level 2 and 4 animations below for an example of audio enhancement. The cost of audio enhancement is $30 per sound clip.

We have various levels of animation for you to choose from from as simple as one vehicle going across the screen to multiple with smoke, jumps and sound effects. We have some examples below to spark your imagination. The pricing is based upon how elaborate the animation is. Sound effects can be added to your animation for $30 per clip. We will be happy to create anything you would like for your showcase.
The base price of a showcase includes your custom domain name (the that gets folks to your site) plus one year of hosting and maintenance. Annual renewal of domain name, hosting and maintenance is $100 due 30 days prior to the anniversary date of your showcase. That's just $8.33 per month to continue flaunting the beauty of your ride!
Level 1 Animation consists of one vehicle speeding across the screen
$150 Animation Only
Level 2 Animation consists of one vehicle with smoke effects
$200 Animation Only
$230 Animation with Sound Effect
Level 3 Animation consists of one vehicle with smoke/bubbles & turn
$300 Animation Only
$180 Animation with Sound Effect
$330 Animation with Sound Effect
$500 Animation (1 vehicle); Choreographed to music
$900 Animation (2 vehicles); Choreographed to music
Our background replacement feature can put you and your sweet ride in any place you desire! This enhancement consists of a total removal of the existing background and the creation of shadowing and effects in your new background to create a realistic look.
$15 per image
$5 per image
$20 per image
$700 Animation (2 vehicles); No choreographed music
$300 Animation (1 vehicle); No choreographed music
Level 4 Animation consists of 2 vehicles & special effects
We have outlined the many options you can add to your showcase. Our showroom displays some examples of templates that you can start with or create a custom showcase from scratch. The pricing of a showcase as outlined in our showroom starts at $350 to show off your gorgeous baby! You can add any of our bells and whistles to your showcase. We have listed the pricing for each below.
*Disclaimer: The images used are for display purposes only and do not imply ownership or endorsement.